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At Home Barre Workout for Taurus Goddesses

Hello and Happy Taurus season!

It’s been so fun creating these cool horoscope workouts for you guys. I really do believe that everyone can love working out…it’s just a matter of finding the one that gets you excited! The one that makes you happy. The one you can’t stop thinking about. Ha – I feel like I’m talking about a guy!

Anyway my Taurus goddesses, here’s your sweat horoscope:

You like to be efficient. You don’t like to over exert yourself, so sometimes exercise can feel exhausting instead of energizing. The fix? Choose a graceful workout in a relaxed environment that still delivers results. This at-home barre workout is for you.

Today’s barre workout requires a stable chair. There are 6 moves. Do each rep with control. Follow the GIFs to see how to execute the exercises with proper form! Do 1 round if you’re just trying to sneak in a quick workout. But if you want to challenge yourself, see if you can repeat this set 3-4 times through!

#1. Relevé Lift x 1 20

Toes together, knees together, heels up. Keep your chest lifted and back tall as you squat down on the balls of your feet.

Works: calves, thighs, butt, foot arch

#2. Attitude Curl x 25 each side

Relax your forehead on your arms as they lay crossed on the top of your seat. Back flat. Lift one leg to about hip height, then press and point your leg straight, then curl it back in towards your butt.

Works: Butt, hamstrings

#3. Arabesque Lift x 30 each side

Holding on to the top of the chair, eyes looking at the floor, plant one foot down firmly and then raise the other leg high in the air. Keep the legs straight and point the toes on the upper leg as you pulse up.

Works: Butt, lower back, hamstrings

#4. Side Squeeze x 20 each side

Squeeze your leg and your arm together with one leg planted on the floor. Make sure to squeeze your obliques as you crunch sideways.

Works: Obliques, outer thighs

#5. Front Leg Lifts x 15 each side

Standing tall, lift one leg up as high as you can in front of you as you keep the planted leg as straight as possible. Try to also keep your chest tall and do not hunch forward as you lift your leg.

Works: abs, thighs

#6. Diamond Pulse Squat x 30

Begin in first position with heels together, toes diagonally pointed out. Lift to relevé. Then squat down while keep your chest up and open, back tall. Never let your heels touch the floor!

Works: calves, thighs, butt, foot arch

If you want to see the entire printable, check out my Pinterest!

Whether you’re a Taurus or not, give this workout a try anyway! Let me know what you guys think! Have I done your sign yet or are you still waiting?

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