Joseph Pilates Working Out In 1932

It is so cool to see Joseph Pilates himself working out, doing the Pilates exercises that we are so familiar with. This video was taken in 1932, when he was about 49 years old. You can see that he was really fit at the age of 49, also very flexible. His body was very toned and lean too. We’re so fortunate that this footage was recorded so we get to see the real Pilates at work. Hope you enjoy this video as much as I did, do share this with…

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Pilates History 

The Benefits Of Pilates

Do you know who created pilates and how it came about? Do you know that pilates helps the body detoxify by improving blood circulation thus bringing waste out of the body. Joseph Pilates create pilates during World War 1 to help the vets coming back from the war to rehabilitate themselves. He spent more than 80 yrs developing this form of exercise. There are so many benefits to practicing pilates, including improving blood circulation, stretching and toning the muscles, elongating the spine, makes you feel good mentally and physically. I…

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