Pilates Slim And Sculpt Your Body

Love this Pilates stretch and sculpt your body video, a little different from the usual videos I post here but is a really good addition. From rolling your body up your legs to stretching your neck these are such important moves that we tend to forget to do in order to have a flexible body. All these are achieved by using our core muscles. I like the part that she held on to her heel and twisting her body side way, this is such a good way to stretch your…

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Pilates Stretch 

Pilates Stretch For Flexibility

Stretching is so important before you do any exercise including pilates. This video shows you how to stretch effective for flexibility so you can perform your pilates exercises better. This is one of the most important video in my opinion as many people don’t realize flexibility is very important when doing pilates and yoga exercises. I personally hurt myself quite badly due to lack of stretching before a pilates session. So do watch this video and share with your friends by clicking the Share button below!  

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